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Just some of the things for Cock whores in Chastity and rules for sub slaves practiced in the Lagoon and in the Stable, you can join by  a Vote or by contacting Mistress Lily or Haylee on our emails


Text Mistress Haylee, Text ur Fetish you know that you want too

Mistress Haylee is trying out a new concept Called Text ur Mistress, or Text ur Fetish, Its not always that easy to go online on ur Computer could be family freinds looking over your shoulder you don`t want the world and his dog to know your submissive or got a very strong fetish do you ?
Nearly everyone got a mobile so you can sneak off and Text away and Mistress Haylee is the young brains of our website and brought out a new concept of being able to text for our services she will open a file for all who send her text messages she will encourage you to visit one of out sites and join our stable
Come to think of it thats not a bad name Text our Stable, Maybe one of you can come up with a name ?
Mistress Haylee is waiting in the UK right now her mobile will on 24/7 to accept text messages from round the World so why not text her now and she will get back to you what ever country you live in, YOU can text her NOW on Phone number: 07542871092



sub nigel

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Why not check out our stable, Dare you do sexy assignments ?

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Welcome to my stable, dare you enter to find your hidden submissive side that only I can control, are you ready to succumb and kneel at my feet and beg for mercy?

In the world of BDSM there are a number of fetishes that relate to all manner of specific things. Some men like to be told that they have tiny penises, others want to dress up in women’s clothes.

Financial Domination, or FinDom as it is known, is a fetish where the submissive finds it sexually pleasing to have some, or all, of his hard earned money spent by a figure that he believes to be superior to him.



or email me Mistress Ola or Mistress Haylee So now who is not real Mr N D

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The Buzz of Consensual blackmail is the Risk of exposure.

Sub nigel a victim of Consensual blackmail thoughts

Mistress Haylee gave me a very exciting assignment today. I loved it. At
this rate I’m going to be begging for more of these exciting tasks. I am
sure they will get tougher though and I will find them less arousing!! This
was not only arousing, but I got to cum too!!

I had to take my wife’s face cream and then to wank myself off into the
cream, Nd then mix it all up….. So that my wife will now be unknowingly
rubbing my cum in her face!! I had to take photos too, so I’m hoping they
don’t find there way back to my wife!!

Best I do as I’m told!!

sub nigelsubnigel mirrortumblr_n8gmnkAIaw1tgz56so1_500

Should any submissives want to contact sub nigel to ask him what its like to have Mistress Haylee control them or indeed to call him a loser then here is his email address

Willing blackmail victim, his own story

I have this week signed up to consensual blackmail with Mistress Haylee. This is a quick posting to share how it felt completing the contract and how it feels 24 hours later. I will also share a few hopes as well….. You never know Mistress Haylee might read it and take note!!

The contract itself requested details of myself, my wife, my work, my parents, my siblings and I had to write a letter to my wife (for Mistress Haylee to keep in case she ever wants to send it to my wife) , detailing a big fantasy that I have. Even though I expect the name, address telephone number etc, it is still hugely arousing typing it out, knowing I am putting everything at risk. I enjoyed filling out those details so much. In fairness I would have given anything I was asked for….. Bank account details, copy of driving licence. The more information I give, the more exposed I am. And that is exactly what I want. To feel exposed. To back myself into a situation where I have to do exactly what I am told to do, because the threats that can be held over my head are more scary than any embarrassing or humiliating task I might be given.

The letter to my wife was a really good idea. I couldn’t bear it if my wife ever received that letter. But I wanted to write it. I wanted to open up my defences and put everything on the line.

Yes – as this blog is titled….. I really am a willing blackmail victim. I really do want to give my Mistress every advantage, and weaken my own position. Do I want my life ruined? No. Do I want to lose my wife and children? No. So why do I want this? Why do I crave this? Why have I not felt one tiny regret since sending off my contract?

Because in Mistress Haylee, I have someone with the power, weapons, desire and ability to make me do whatever she wants, when she wants, and that is the key. I want to act because I have been told to do so. I want to learn to obey, even when the task is difficult…. Beyond difficult even. I want to have to embarrass myself, humiliate myself, feel real shame…. I couldn’t do those things without the correct incentive. Blackmail is the incentive. I can now doing anything I am asked to do…. Surely?

So I will finish this first post with a plea to My Mistress.

Please Mistress…… Find my boundaries. Stretch them, break them, smash them. If you make me cry, be proud of yourself. If you think i can’t take any more, test out your theory….. Make me take more. Relish in my suffering. Enjoy it. Make me thank you. Make me beg you for more. Make me ask you for more Mistress. Be a total bitch. A cruel bitch. I am a big boy. An adult. I am asking for this. Begging for this. Let’s have some fun Mistress. Bring it on!!

As a foot note, I would also like to say something to those reading this blog. This is real, we are not play acting. There are no safe words. No exit fees. No end date.


I will post so much more on this blog in the coming days and weeks and beyond. Including my email address as I would love to hear from you!!