Rules forChastity & sub slave practiced byMistress Haylee and Lily

Just some of the things for Cock whores in Chastity and rules for sub slaves practiced in the Lagoon and in the Stable, you can join by  a Vote or by contacting Mistress Lily or Haylee on our emails

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Consensual Blackmail is as dangerous as you desire, dont be fooled by consensual wording ! you play with fire..
Blackmail,That thing that you desperately crave, yet are too fucking chicken shit
to actually go through with. It’s just a fantasy ” for now” But is it possible that …the thought excites you and makes your cock pound and go harder than its ever been.

While the  submissive voluntarily pays money to keep shameful or incriminating evidence from seeing the light of day, the thrill is in skirting the edge, risking exposure, either by not being able to keep up with the agreed to payments, or choosing to not keep up in order to edge closer to being exposed.
By willingly sharing contact information for the most important people in his life, by willingly giving up incriminating evidence, usually of an erotic nature, and then committing to a financial arrangement with a dominant to keep his or Her “secret” safe, the submissive puts in the hands of the dominant the power to ruin him or her by revealing his secrets to those who think they know him if he/she does not hold up his/her side of the contract.
I live for female supremacy, foot and body worship and humiliation and want you to entertain me with tasks and assignments that I set you.
Mistress Haylee.

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Sissy ben is now owned by Mistress Haylee

Yes You read it right First time, Sissy ben is now owned by me, This is NOT REVENGE PORN he/she is under contract to serve Me and me alone Mistress Haylee
So keep cumming back to this site because very soon Sissy ben will be doing some assignments and any members of my stable can help me set out some assignments so I am open to your ideas so please contact me on                 

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In the world of BDSM there are a number of fetishes that relate to all manner of specific things. Some men like to be told that they have tiny penises, others want to dress up in women’s clothes.

Financial Domination, or FinDom as it is known, is a fetish where the submissive finds it sexually pleasing to have some, or all, of his hard earned money spent by a figure that he believes to be superior to him.



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The Buzz of Consensual blackmail is the Risk of exposure.