Rules forChastity & sub slave practiced byMistress Haylee and Lily

Just some of the things for Cock whores in Chastity and rules for sub slaves practiced in the Lagoon and in the Stable, you can join by  a Vote or by contacting Mistress Lily or Haylee on our emails


Text Mistress Haylee, Text ur Fetish you know that you want too

Mistress Haylee is trying out a new concept Called Text ur Mistress, or Text ur Fetish, Its not always that easy to go online on ur Computer could be family freinds looking over your shoulder you don`t want the world and his dog to know your submissive or got a very strong fetish do you ?
Nearly everyone got a mobile so you can sneak off and Text away and Mistress Haylee is the young brains of our website and brought out a new concept of being able to text for our services she will open a file for all who send her text messages she will encourage you to visit one of out sites and join our stable
Come to think of it thats not a bad name Text our Stable, Maybe one of you can come up with a name ?
Mistress Haylee is waiting in the UK right now her mobile will on 24/7 to accept text messages from round the World so why not text her now and she will get back to you what ever country you live in, YOU can text her NOW on Phone number: 07542871092



sub nigel