Rules forChastity & sub slave practiced byMistress Haylee and Lily

Just some of the things for Cock whores in Chastity and rules for sub slaves practiced in the Lagoon and in the Stable, you can join by  a Vote or by contacting Mistress Lily or Haylee on our emails


Not so simple Simon

Here is an email that I sent to Simon when he applied to join my stable, He`s done a couple of assignments now and passed with flying colours, by the way Simon paid his entrance fee for the stable by topping up my mobile phone, details of how to do that can be found on the siteSimon enjoyed his assignment and his partner does not know that she now has a regular Facial like the pics show.
Mistress Haylee.

There are lots of guys saying that they want a Mistress but lots of guys and Girls who are just seeking to get horny and for want of a better word Wanking for Free, Now I am not against masturbation we all need it and do it but its far better if its control masturbation set out in assignments set by me Mistress Haylee.
World Wide Countries: Now for those from the multitude of countries that visit this site and our blogs then here is a way that you can join our Stable
A trial period of 3 Months with all the benefits and regular assignments then just walk away if you don`t like But I must Warn you Not many of our stable members walk away.sh1sh2



Sissy ben is now owned by Mistress Haylee

Yes You read it right First time, Sissy ben is now owned by me, This is NOT REVENGE PORN he/she is under contract to serve Me and me alone Mistress Haylee
So keep cumming back to this site because very soon Sissy ben will be doing some assignments and any members of my stable can help me set out some assignments so I am open to your ideas so please contact me on                 

Mistress Haylee now working in league with Ola

Blackmail. That thing that you desperately crave, yet are too fucking chicken shit

Consensual Blackmail

If you are one of the few subs/slaves that are wanting to venture out of your comfort zone and perhaps try something a little nerve-racking yet exciting, then Consensual blackmail is the game for you.

I get a lot of people who claim to be interested in this area of BDSM, yet very few actually have the Guts to go through with it so this is how I shall be sorting the men from the boys, and the fantasists from the realists. so for all info about our New Stable then contact Mistress Haylee  or Mistress Ola on her olafetish email addy  Applications for our Stable are being considered so apply early.Humiliatrix Ola