About If your a Sub who likes lots of sexy text With the Youngest Dom Mistress online Then your here.

Mistress Haylee said to be the youngest Dominatrix Mistress online and one of the first to be on sexy Text 24/7 and online where you can remain anonymous if you wish all I ask is a stable name and we all know that nothing is for Free so those of you who want to tribute Me and not cost a fortune My mobile is on PAY as YOU GO its on the 02 or giffgaff network and it would be much appreciated if some of you bought a Top up voucher and sent the 16 diget mumber to Mistress by text or my email, my mobile: +44   07542871092   email: haylee_bristol@mail.com  no need to say that those who do Tribute Rise in more ways than one mmmmmm Now to the old wording that lots are used to Consensual blackmail, whats in a word you like many more just need to ask and it may be whitemail but the same much ask for service is still carried out So please ASK

Now many of you know that some of us Mistresses Share sites, I am one of those and I share a Big World site with Mistress Ola you will find us at : http://www.olafetish.com and yes you will find the same services on there, so just enjoy and join our stable.

Mistress Haylee

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