The Brave just tell how it started out

And here’s the first 69.

The first time we 69ed we were home alone, as usual. It was after school, I was playing PlayStation, the usual. She asked me to come out into the garden, we had a walled garden so there were quite a few spots where neighbouring gardens and other houses couldn’t see in, I came out and she was kneeling on a bench, ass out, facing the wall. She had a shirt on but her skirt, and pants were on the bench. I asked her where to start and she said to work my way up from feet to ass, her feet are gorgeous, even a non foot guy would appreciate and they smelled grassy and earthy from walking in the garden. I licked them for a little while and worked my way up to her ass. It was actually a pretty hot day so her hole and legs were a little sweaty but you know, who cares about that when you’ve got a little pink bum in your face. She moved from the bench to lay in the grass as I went to work, after a while I lay back while she sat on my face, just rubbing her pussy up and down my nose and mouth. 

I was really shy about asking for a blowjob at that age, obvs she wasn’t shy at all so it was pretty much up to her when it happened. She turned around, unbuttoned my fly and started sucking my cock through my boxers. We got totally undressed, picked a shady spot and 69ed until I flooded her mouth and she squirted. I know this is fucked up to say about my sister but her lips just glide up and down my tip. We’ve been doing it on and off even when we’ve had bfs and gfs. I know one of her close friends knows about what we’ve been doing but she’s not going to spill. I’ve never even told friends about this, hence the ad. I kind of needed to talk.

On Friday, 2016, aptorca > wrote:

On Friday,

img 20150727 015816

img 20150727 015816

2016, aptorca <> wrote:

Well, here’s my story, I attached it from a different conversation so it might be smaller font, didn’t want to type all again.

Me and my sister were always quite physical and affectionate, there wasn’t one moment where it tipped over the edge. We’d been touching each other for a while in secret, it wasn’t clearly sexual but it would’ve been seen as odd. I remember when I was 10-12 around then I became quite fixated with her feet. I was in her room one day and just had the urge to pull her socks off and smell and lick them, we didn’t have the sort of relationship where she’d say ‘oi, get off me.’ She just let me do it. That happened three more times, the second to last time we sat at opposite ends of the sofa and sucked each other’s toes. Not something we did much after we’d had oral sex together but I think it probably made it a smaller leap to more sexual types of touching.

She gave me my first blowjob when I was 14. We’d fooled around before then but that really just consisted of us kissing and touching in bed. She was 16 and had had been out in the afternoon drinking, when she came back we were home alone. She didn’t really say anything other than to sit on the sofa. She undid my trousers and just rubbed my cock in her face for a while and smelled it, that turned into a few licks which turned into a blowjob. When I came she spat my cum into an empty can. I asked if I could lick her pussy too and she went for it. I remember she was hairless, I liked the smell and the taste but I guess I had nothing to compare it to. We did it quite a few times after that, even fucked once.

So, that’s my story, I’ve cum in my sister’s mouth, licked her pussy and ass and 69’d with her.

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