1. Make up your mind ahead of time. So many of you ‘think’ you want to be financially dominated when in fact you’re far too afraid.  You have to keep in mind that sometimes your fantasies are best left that way, fantasy.  Reality can be frightening, and nothing wastes a Domme’s time more than flaky slaves.
  2. Don’t ask to be blackmailed unless you do.  Granted there are many Domme’s who say they’re doing research on you and don’t.  However, there are those of us, and I am included in that group, who do the research and the background checks.  If you panic when I tell you what I have on you you’re missing the entire point of the experience.  Fear!  There is a fine line between fear and eroticism, yes it’s scary but that’s the point.  For those of you who fall into this group see #1.
  3. Don’t promise to make a payment and then not do it. You’re only cheating yourself out of the experience.  You can’t be financially dominated and not pay.
  4. Worship 1 Goddess at a time. So many of you guys troll for Dommes and end up spending a little here and a little there.  Again, you’re wasting the Domme’s time and you’re ruining the experience for yourself. As I said in the ‘email me  find one woman who you know you can truly devote your time to and your fetish will be meaningful and very erotic.  You’ll also save money in the long run by finding one Goddess to truly worship. Trolling costs money because you spend money on women you have no connection with.
  5. Follow her rules. Most Dommes have their own set of rules or standards that they are very particular about.  Be wise and find them out before you start to worship at her temple.  The last thing you want to do is piss off a Financial Dominatrix.

These are just a few of the pet peeves I know get on my nerves. I’m sure that other Domme’s will be more than happy to tell you some of the issues they’ve had in the past.  Stay true to your fetish and your fetish will reward you ten fold.

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