A Letter from cuckuk.notice how its anonymous

tumblr_nm9esolBBY1thmhmdo1_500Latest letter from cuckuk.  You will notice that he remains anonymous to the rest of the stable, he trusts me and anyone who joins my stable can also remain so.

Ok can I be very honest your right I do have a link for bbc but I feel so weird about my sexuality it’s eating me alive I need to come out in planning on it new year I’m bisexual and no one in my life knows it’s killing me so if your do happen to pimp me could you start me off slowly and reassure me my sexuality is fine because I’m not good at reassuring myself , I believe you could be my mistress but it’d be nice if your caring and thoughtful of my emotions and I’ll be thoughtful of yours too I’ll send over money for your undies when I can I have instability in my job which should even out new year and then I know more better how much I could help you financially , I would prefere if ok with you if we could keep my identity discreet throughout my term as a sissy in your stable.   I understand you being annoyed with me changing my mind continuously it’s because my sexuality is under wraps and I just get bursts of being open then retract because I’m worried about my sexuality I’m sorry about that but that’s why I need to come out when ready sometime over nxt few weeks then my guilt will go away as I’m more open to my family and friends and I’ll then see who really is true , I’ll fill the form in properly this coming week as I’ll be able to tribute something then too , you have a good evening mistress haylee .


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