Letter to Hank the Yank and any other guys

A Letter that was sent to Hank the shoe and panties Fetish that lives in America
Hi Hank, many thanks for contacting me and sending me your horny photos, in answer to your question "Do you live to far away to serve me" Why Hell no there are lots of subs both men and women from America who join my stable and serve me and that goes for any other country too We got people from all corners of the world in fact NO ONE IS EVER TURNED AWAY.
Now to your request for some of my shoes and panties,I can and do send Panties to all countries and of course I do sell shoes but they cost much more for postage so tend to sell my worn shoes mainly in the UK or mainland Europe.
Hank and anyone else thats interested I pride myself in selling top Quality Panties at the lowest prices online, they are posted in very strong plain wrapping Jiffy bag you can even remain anonymous with just your Box number, most panties are thongs so weigh very little and the postage is very low and I can send to you for $15 usd to most countries and that includes postage.
You just contact me and say what country you live in and you can even pick what shade you would like and if you would like a couple of pics sent with them.
So the offer is to anyone not just Hank so don`t be shy just mail me at haylee_bristol@mail.com
Mistress Haylee.

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