7 October, 2015 10:07

Hi Mistress

I love being sub a lot..and would love you to be my mistress…at all times
Do u like to be spanked?
I can be around you always,waiting for your commands and as u said licking from
head to toes..especially toe sucking…
I will not only be sucking your pussy..i love to deep rim your asshole
u can face sit on me where my mouth and tongue is in your vagina and nose inside your ass rose bud.
You can collar me and humiliate me if you want.Would love to drink all juice from your body including spit,sweat,pussy juice and piss.
You can make me your toilet slave and piss in my mouth,whenever your bladder is full.
I also like to lick the nipples and also suck it using ice,chocolate,sauce honey and sugar.
I will also sprinkle sugar in your pussy and suck you out orgasm after orgasm.
I also love to insert chocolate sauce mixed with milk like an enema in your ass,make you hold for sometime and make you release it like a water spray faucet from your asshole.
I want to also pour beer in your vagina and suck it from there.
I also will bathe you,shave n wax you and will lick your toilet clean for you to scat.I will sit next to you to see you scatting
and will clean u after that.
If you like a bit of pain I can whip you or flog u and also pour hot wax from a candle on you.If you dont like it,you can do that on me.
I would love to peg you with a dildo,especially analise you and lick out the cream from your asshole.
Then I would also fuck you hard with a dildo while I bite your nipples and make you scream with orgasm and cum.
I will also finger your Gspot while I insert a dildo in your ass,to give you a double treat,
And when you squirt and cum,I will drink and suck it dry….
I have more kinky ideas..let me know if you are ok.

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