Stablemate of the year

Thought some of my stable could be interested in the competition that Mistress Ola is running over on our joint site, Any of my stable members is eligible to vote and Win Black Beauty so take a good look its a monster of a plaything and only a few small donations is required, I would not mind winning that myself but Mistress Ola told me that I can`t enter, she is a spoil sport.     Mistress Haylee

PS: I hope one of my stable wins just think of the pics on their posts I cant see the sub from Down under hiding that monster in his wifes knicker drawer can you ha ha but then again not so sure

would love this,Would YOU ?


To Look at this sexy wish list Type into the search box, did you know that you can buy lots of sexy undies  and Toys on amazon ?


Deluxe Silicone Real Dong Dildo (500 grams) big player, extra strong suction cup

by Lumunu passion products

Send a Gift voucher to all Gift vouchers appreciated and spent on here and your entertainment

YOU COULD WIN BLACK BEAUTY, GO to and see how you could win this Monster of a play thing mmmmmm

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