Just like I thought sub bob`s email was returned to me

Just like I thought bob diamonds email was returned to Mistress, He want`s to play but is far too scared, maybe he will contact again but I doubt it and would like to bet that he`s already tried to enter my stable under different names.

Hello bob diamond,
I love your name but only time will tell if you are a Real Diamond and genuine and not just a tacky sub standard sub with no balls.

Can I assume that I am the first Mistress that you have contacted ?  I have to make sure because there are lots of subs and guys who use a Mistress they flit about from one Mistress to another no doubt masturbating with every email and they use different names with the same Mistress quite a few do it.

bob diamond, I have nothing against masturbation or any other form of sexual activity, indeed I expect and do have my members of the stable getting erections and doing tasks and assignments all the time once they prove they are genuine and installed in the stable so don`t be nervous just act normal its painless and don`t cost much to prove your genuine.
And here is two ways that you can join in the fun at little cost.
Go to http://www.amazon.co.uk  you will see that they have a section for amazon gift vouchers and all you do is choose one and place this email address on it, its simple and your tribute goes to my sexy undies fund Mistress buys all her undies that way in fact you can spend their gift vouchers on many things even do a range of sex aids strapons and big vibes.
The other way is send Mistress a tribute by going on PayPal if you have not got an account then I can go on my PayPal and ask them to send you a request and they send you an email and show you how to do it, but its only putting this email address on it also simple to do and proves your genuine.
Oh and because I spend lots of time online then I will soon be looking for a phone slave to help out by looking to make sure my service provider is topped up, I have not gone into this fully yet but My service provider is giffgaff they work on 02 network so all anyone would have to do is go to any Paypoint by a Top up voucher and text me the 16 diget number or email it to me and thats also another way to say Mistress I am Andrew I am genuine and long to serve you.
Oh and another thing We don`t use real names in the stable so you are going to need a stable name especially if your name is Bob Diamond so maybe make up a name that goes with your fetish.
Mistress Haylee.
The so called diamond`s short like his dick no doubt letter to me.
Hi Mistress,

Im a male sub from the UK. I have suddenly found loads of free time and need to fill it with bdsm task/punishments. Do u have any? All will be considered and willing to buy toys.
Thank you,

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