I like My Sub`s Hard

Like it Hard

Mistress Haylee Likes her stable sub`s Hard Very Hard


Do you get an intense thrill, a rush of adrenalin, a nervousness with the thought of me exposing your fetish to those you hold so close. Will you give yourself to me and follow my orders to keep you dirty little secret safe.

By willingly sharing contact information for the most important people in his life, by willingly giving up incriminating evidence, usually of an erotic nature, and then committing to a financial arrangement with a dominant to keep his “secret” safe, the submissive puts in the hands of the dominant the power to ruin him by revealing his secrets to those who think they know him if he does not hold up his side of the contract you risk real exposure.

The Buzz of consensual blackmail is the risk of exposure. While the blackmail submissive voluntarily pays money to keep shameful or incriminating evidence from seeing the light of day, the thrill is in skirting the edge, risking exposure, either by not being able to keep up with the agreed to payments, or choosing to not keep up in order to edge closer to being exposed.

I don’t do this because I’m cruel and desire to harm people, I do this to feed your risk of real exposure because if you are the type of person willing to risk the health, heart, and well-being of those you proclaim to love, and then backpedal on your commitment, they deserve to know you for the selfish, irresponsible person that you are. I live for female supremacy, foot and body worship and humiliation and want you to entertain me with tasks that I set you.

Consensual blackmail will give you everything you desire, the thrill, the tingle of excitement that you’re pleasing your mistress with the tasks she has set.

Download and complete the consent form Consensual Blackmail application for Mistress Ola.

I hereby acknowledge that this information is freely and voluntarily given. I am under no coercion to give the below information and do so because I wish to serve Mistress Ola.

Your Name  start here, click on each line.>
Your Email
Your Address
Home Phone Number
Work Address
Work Phone Number
Partners Name
Partners Phone Number
Details of parents and siblings in the box below (include names, email addresses and phone numbers)
Write a letter to your parent or partner stating your nastiest fantasy and sign your full name at the end. Comments of any other information you would like to add just for the thrill of it.

Sign or Type your name here

I understand that by sending this document to Mistress Ola without any coercion that she can use any information that I supply in any way she wishes. I enter this agreement fully aware of my commitment to Mistress Ola and give her full permission to use any information I provide
to enforce this agreement, I do this of my own free will.

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