Sub nigel a victim of Consensual blackmail thoughts

Mistress Haylee gave me a very exciting assignment today. I loved it. At
this rate I’m going to be begging for more of these exciting tasks. I am
sure they will get tougher though and I will find them less arousing!! This
was not only arousing, but I got to cum too!!

I had to take my wife’s face cream and then to wank myself off into the
cream, Nd then mix it all up….. So that my wife will now be unknowingly
rubbing my cum in her face!! I had to take photos too, so I’m hoping they
don’t find there way back to my wife!!

Best I do as I’m told!!

sub nigelsubnigel mirrortumblr_n8gmnkAIaw1tgz56so1_500

Should any submissives want to contact sub nigel to ask him what its like to have Mistress Haylee control them or indeed to call him a loser then here is his email address


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