Consensual Blackmail with Mistress Haylee

Consensual blackmail is as dengerous as you desire, dont be fooled by consensual word ! you play with fire..
Mike has been thinking about blackmail , and wanked over that thought for a while, he looked into it, yet never had the balls to do it. Till he contacted Mistress Ola, I quickly gathered information about him that he desperatelly needs to keep safe! Ahhh one of my favorite things ~ a victim willingly walking into my Stable , giving me all the poison to destroy him if I decide so.. one thing only that could protect him Blackmail Contract ~ and now he is trapped , but he feels safe as long as he obeys.. If he disobeys his world will be turned upside down! I promise.
Blackmail is one of the fetishes YOU enjoy..why? Your need for exctitement is so high you would do anything to feel the rush
You are so easy to control and manipulate then.. Blackmail is your way to get aroused , you need it bad, and I know how to use it.
You crave the adrenaline that comes with blackmail contract, the threat of others finding out what a pathetic loser you are.. makes you tell Me your deepest secrets..
Secrets I can use any time, or threaten you to reveL THEM PUBLICILY if you do not obey.. and you cave like a scared puppy.
You agree to everything and anything, the rush of adrenaline is so high and feels so good you are scared but you don’t want to stop..
you are playing with fire, but it feels amazing.. You are an easy target, I aim right at you, with the amunition you handed Me yourself… What’s not to enjoy?

You get the intense thrill, rush and cock-hardening nervousness that all comes with real blackmail – but you also have a form of insurance that will provide you with the one thing… you have at least a 50% chance that this thrill will end here. However wait until you see JUST how hard your cock gets once you remember… I still might be able to catch you… you still may end up in my web… Its a fair guess who comes out victorious…
Blackmail. That thing that you desperately crave, yet are too fucking chicken shit
to actually go through with. It’s just a fantasy – for now. But is it possible that …the thought excites you makes your cock pound and go harder than its ever been.
Of course not all you subs are brave quite a few join My stable and become fence sitters, in other words don`t know what side to be on but I can assure you that they all find the experiance enjoyable so why not contact me to find out more and get a one to one service with the Youngest Mistress online

Mistress Haylee.



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