Mistress Haylee Youngest Mistress of Consensual Blackmail

Blackmail. That thing that you desperately crave, yet are too fucking chicken shit
to actually go through with. It’s just a fantasy – for now. But is it possible that …the thought excites you makes your cock pound and go harder than its ever been.
I am a great listener and you will be willing, nay, feel you must confess your desires to me no matter how deep and a dark a secret you think they are, nothing shocks me. I can use your information to train you to be the good little sub/slave you so long to be and you will want to serve me and only me. You will want to indulge me, pamper me and spoil me, nothing will make you happier than to do this and know you have pleased me. However try to abuse me in any way and you can rest assured you will be banished from my realm, my stable and it will be impossible for you to return no matter how strong your desire is.
Why not Contact me now? You know that your longing to find out more haylee_bristol@mail.com

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