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Waiting for You

Consensual Blackmail
If you are one of the few subs/slaves that are wanting to venture out of your comfort zone and perhaps try something a little nerve-racking yet exciting, then Consensual blackmail is the game for you.
I get a lot of people who claim to be interested in this area of BDSM, yet very few actually have the Guts to go through with it so this is how I shall be sorting the men from the boys,  and the fantasists from the realists.
So, if you really think you want to play with me then all you need to do is buy me a £10 Amazon UK gift voucher Then email me at  and I will email you the Contract and the Registration Form for you to fill in and send back. You can either fill it in online or print it out and scan it back to me when it’s completed.Or go on Paypal and send £12 to the same email address.
Simple really.
By tributing towards the forms you will have done nothing more than paid to see what will be required of you, there will be no binding agreement at this juncture. If I never hear from you again then so be it, I wont have lost anything, will you?
Oh i can feel myself getting all excited and moist as I think about you paying for the form and seeing exactly what you will give to me! Ha Ha How nice of you Great!
Maybe you would like to take your blackmail a little further and have me call at your place of work or somewhere under a mutual agreement?
This can be possible if you live in Europe
How Will you make your Mistress happy or will there be a penalty to pay next time for your poor effort?
Only one way to find out I guess . . . .       or


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