Two Mistresses for the price of one

Hello, I thought that I would introduce myself I am Haylee Or Mistress Haylee Ola keeps telling me
By the way Mistress Ola is taking a few days off and left me manning the PC I think she is Christmas shopping but then again I think many of you know that the way her special fund for sexy undies been mounting up.
Ok I know it will take me time to be any where near as good a Mistress like Mistress Ola but I have got a few ideas and can`t wait till I get a Consensual Contract signed just to prove that I can do it, But I will let you know now that I am the type of girl who asks questions and also listens to what others want and I think that by being friendly and helping others then we can all get on in this world and any one can email me at any time on here or if its private then
I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Mistress Ola and myself to wish you all a happy Christmas

Regards Haylee


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