Jerko`s assignment report his own words

b_11049_picture_8333To Me

Today at 1:05 PM
Hi Mistress,

This is the girl –

I didn’t get photos at the time. Sorry. I can’t seem to post on the new blog from my phone… Hmm… Will keep trying. I can definitely give you some text though. Just wrote the below. Tried to add you into it and sorry it ended up quite long, but please feel free to edit as however pleases you. I but I really do want to do dirty stuff for you! My next big fantasy is to try electro play. If you see ‘electrosluts’ that’s the kind of thing. Anyway, hope you can use this, and use me whenever and however you want.

Your Jerko xx

So hi everyone, my new name is Jerko, thanks to Mistress Ola for renaming me.

Mistress has asked me to talk about my last assignment, so here goes!

I was recently in New Zealand on business. I mentioned I was going to Mistress Ola one day and she told me she had a little assignment for me that would unleash all my hidden desires. Was I interested? I told her I definitely was and she said I had to promise I would carry it out no matter what it was.

This gave me pause for thought… I didn’t know what it would be – it could have been anything. Mistress is not like other wannabe internet dommes. She doesn’t constantly demand money or string you along. When she demands something though it’s as simple as that – if you give your word to something you have to carry it out. Or pay the penalty…

I tried to ask for some clues but Mistress was giving nothing away – was I in or out? Was I a real slave or just wasting her time? I love to carry out assignments for Mistress though and in the end my curiosity got the better of me.

I promised I would do whatever she asked.

I got my instructions on the day I arrived. I was to find a transexual, a ladyboy, and make an arrangement to meet. The rest of the instructions were given then too.

My heart started pounding. I had thought about this sort of thing before. I had wanked off to ladyboy porn for sure. But this was very different. Very real. I wasn’t sure I could do it.

It took me two days to get any further. I knew there was no point in pleading for another task from Mistress Ola. It was either do it or risk punishment. Total exposure.

That feeling was exquisite – I can’t describe just how good the feeling is of being trapped like this. I felt sick, elated, horny, dirty – but overall I just felt so alive. I’ve tried other online dommes but never felt like this before.

So anyway, on that day I knew I has to bite the bullet. I found an escort site with transsexuals on it and made my choice.

The next few hours felt like a dream. I knew I was doing this but it was out of my control. I knew I was powerless to resist Mistress Ola’s instructions. It was such a pure feeling of submission, something I’ve craved all my life.

I made the phone call. It was quite late and I sort of half hoped there would be no answer. I would have tried… maybe Mistress would take pity…

But then a voice said hello. It was happening. I stuttered my way through an introduction and asked if I could visit tonight. Sure baby the voice said. I was given a street name and told to call when I was there.

I put the phone down and felt a huge wash of sheer adrenaline. With shaking hands I called a taxi. I had to push on – I didn’t want time to think.

The next bit is a blur. Waiting, pacing, for a taxi. Blurting out the street name. I felt so humiliated – as if the driver knew what I was up to. My mind was whirring – I could hardly believe what I was doing.

I got to the address and called and got the unit number. I went there. All of a sudden I was knocking on a door without any real idea of what I was getting into. I though hard of Mistress, how happy she would be with me, and relaxed into it.

The t-girl opened the door and let me in. She was stunning. She was tall in a pair of killer heels and wearing a gorgeous red dress. She put her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss whilst grabbing my arse hard.

She told me to relax and got me a glass of wine. Told me to get undressed. I did what I was told. We spent a few minutes kissing as I fondled her breasts. She really was stunning with such smooth skin you’d think it was a real woman. Until she moved my hand down between her legs and I got my first feel of her thick, hard cock.

She asked what I was into and I gave the line that Mistress Ola had ordered me to say: “I’m very submissive – please do whatever you want to me”

The mood changed instantly. She paused, gave a long, evil smile and told me to close my eyes. I did and immediately she grabbed my hands and pushed them back over my head. She had silk ties at the head of the bed and before I knew it she had me strapped in. I couldn’t fight as she straddled my chest. I was totally powerless.

She started pulling hard on my nipples and slapping me in the face. She spat in my face a couple of times. It was about then I realised I was in absolute heaven. I was enjoying this so much.

She stripped off her panties and her large, thick cock sprung out. I have never seen anyone’s cock but mine in real life before that and I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t have time to think though really and I was completely unable to move as she ordered me to suck it, then rammed it into my mouth.

It was so big, so thick, that I gagged a few times – almost vomiting. She just laughed at me though and told me she would make a cock sucker out of me yet.

I had no choice – but by now I didn’t want a choice. I just wanted to suck and choke on her cock as she thrust it into me.

This went on for what seemed like forever – she would alternate making my suck her with rubbing her breasts in my face and ordering me to lick her nipples. She started fingering my arse and eventually stuck two fingers up. This was all so totally new to me – but I knew I was her little slut, as she kept telling me, and I was loving it.

Suddenly it stopped. She took her cock away and I was left panting. So vulnerable with my hands tied. The break didn’t last long though. She quickly slipped on a condom and pressed her cock hard against my arsehole. Little by little it relaxed and suddenly she was in me.

I’ve taken strap ons and dildos before but this was something totally new. I could feel her getting hard inside me. It was a deep, so, so satisfying ache. Unbelievable. She started pumping away on my arse, fucking me hard and deep, and started wanking me off. I told her I couldn’t last long but she told me to shut the fuck up and she would say when I could cum. It went on and on. I was moaning now, completely lost in it, when suddenly she pulled out. I felt empty immediately but she pulled of the condom and before I knew it her cock was in front of me as she came in great spurts all over my face. I came immediately, more powerfully than ever before. I could taste her cum as it dripped into my mouth.

I was totally spent. I closed my eyes and as she got off me I just curled up. It felt so wonderful, so dirty but so right.

I was barely aware as she untied my hands and I just lay there breathing hard for a while. Eventually I recovered and got dressed we kissed goodbye and I headed back out. A different person to when I went in.

I got home and, almost the best part, emailed my Mistress immediately to let her know I had done what I had been told to do. I had asked my new girl to take some photos and Mistress now has even more power over me – and that’s the way it should be.

Thank you Mistress Ola for the chance to serve you and for pushing my boundaries in crazy ways. And thank you for the opportunity to tell my story. I literally cannot wait for my next task from you – and you know I will do anything you ask. You are the perfect Mistress. I love you.

Jerko xx


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